December 19, 2017

Hi Michael,

Florence is wonderful. It’s hard and demanding but I couldn’t feel better prepared. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve given me the past three years. So many instructors have asked if I’ve had previous instruction, and I always proudly tell them that I studied with you. I’m super ahead of the pack and it’s all because I studied at Cooley Studios. I’m so glad that you’re sticking around to teach. You’re incredible at it.

Sending all my best from Florence.

Cassidy Boyuk, former student at Cooley Studios and presently a 1st year student at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence Italy. She is studying under Daniel Graves and the able instructors at the Academy.


October 31, 2015

Ever since I can remember I have always been drawing. I loved that I was able to recreate from my own hand what i saw around me, but as the years passed I felt that I had reached a plateau. It seemed difficult to receive teaching that helped me grow in technique with real constructive criticism. Finding Mr. Cooley and his Art Academy was truly a Godsend and a blessed discovery. Within the past 4 months at Mr. Cooley’s Art Academy, I have learned and grown more than any other formal education I have received before. Mr. Cooley’s classical approach to art has been incredibly helpful in its ability to train my eye to truly observe as well as follow proven technique. I am so thankful to have found and study under Mr. Cooley and would recommend this Academy to anyone who is serious about art.

Christine Kwon, BSc. degree in Human Nutrition from The Ohio State University, Spring 2015. Prospective medical illustration student.


July 10, 2014

I have only taken two classes at Cooley Studios and I am amazed at the progress I have made already.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and 12 years professional painting experience in theatre.  I have taken many art classes and workshops and although I have learned from every one I have not seen such a drastic change in my accuracy of drawing so fast.  The method that Michael is teaching me, a well studied and academic method, is far superior to anything else I have learned.  I cannot wait to see what is around the corner!

Edith Wadkins, Professional Freelance Illustrator and Professional Painter specializing in theatrical scenic painting and wildlife painting.



When I met Michael Cooley, I knew I found the right teacher.

Being a 43-year-old medical professional looking to fulfill a life long dream of Medical illustration, I knew very few opportunities would be open and feasible for me. Having found Cooley studios online, I was not sure what to expect when I had my first meeting with Michael.

I was encouraged and pleasantly surprised after having an in depth and sincere conversation at my first meeting. Michael was welcoming, knowledgable, extremely talented and genuinely believed I could reach my goals!!

Since being trained by Michael Cooley, I have learned more in my 6 sessions with him than I did in my entire fine arts minor in college. I am that much closer to pursuing what I love. I will never be able to fully thank him for giving me the opportunity to have formal training on a busy mom/professionals schedule.

Come and see what you are missing.

Heidi Gum, Physician Assistant



My dream is to become a medical illustrator. There are not many colleges that offer such training close to Ohio. While at an art store in town, I was given Michael Cooley’s name to look up his artwork. After getting in contact with him, he reinforced my desire to become a medical illustrator. He was eager to help me in making my dream come true. I have completed my first six week session with Michael Cooley and I love every minute of every session. After just six weeks I have seen improvement in my artistic abilities. He has taught me to slow down and really look at what I am trying to draw. My accuracy in drawing has really improved. He is patient, down to earth, and he genuinely cares about his students. He is an extremely talented artist and a very educated and dedicated teacher. I am excited to take more classes with him so that I can continue to learn and better my skills. Taking classes with him has been the best thing to get me closer to becoming a medical illustrator.

Julianne Panzo, 19, Sophomore at The Ohio State University



My goal when I started with Cooley Studios was to learn how to paint. I didn’t want to paint abstract images but fully rendered, lifelike compositions. Through the months I’ve worked with Michael, he’s shown me in clear steps how I will reach that goal. Starting with drawing and building on each new skill, I’ve learned how to look as an artist looks at shapes and colors and light.

Cooley Studios is for all skill levels as Michael is able to adapt the coursework for the novice and experienced artist alike. Michael is a good instructor who encourages but also does thoughtful critiques to better move the artist in the right direction. He has a great enthusiasm for art and for teaching drawing and painting principles and techniques.

Beth Mirka, Information Technology Specialist (IT)



It was quite by accident that I met Michael. He was looking for studio space one day last summer and he walked into our office. I began chatting with him and found out he taught beginning drawing, and the rest is history!  I am still a beginner but improving my techniques everyday.  Through Michael’s patience, encouragement and skill, I am actually learning how to draw!  His passion is for drawing and painting and he simply wants to pass this pleasure on to others, whether you are career-oriented or just have those creative juices flowing.  He’s a wonderful, kind-hearted man, highly talented with a true gift for teaching.  I’m honored to know him and to be his student.  If anyone wants to actually learn drawing skills, and I mean really learn the “how to” of drawing, which is a natural progression into painting, you must check him out.  You will not be sorry!

Suzanne Beck, Office Manager and Coordinator



Michael Cooley is a great art instructor.  He has individualized my art  plan to maximize my progress while minimizing my frustration.  I have never had any formal training prior to Michael, and I have to say, I believe there is an artist in me!  It’s exciting because with his method of teaching, and step by step approach I can see a great deal of personal growth.  Michael is kind and very giving of his time and advice.  I look forward to Saturdays with him.

My goal is to eventually paint and learn those techniques from Michael.  I now believe it is possible and I can’t wait.  This is a dream I never thought would come true for me.  Michael is actually teaching me how to construct  masterful drawings.   Six months ago I’d have never believed it!!  Thank you Michael.

Beth Roseman RN, Recovery Room Nurse



I last took an art class in high school and have been missing it ever since.  Two years ago, I began entertaining the idea of combining my two loves in life: science and illustration.  While I was taking my candidacy exams for my phD, I decided I needed to figure out if this was a true possibility for my future career.  I started studying with Michael almost a year ago and couldn’t be more happy.  I have had little formal training in art so Michael started with me at the basics of drawing and helped fill in many of my foundational gaps in training.  It has been exciting to watch my progression over the course of the last year and I have been surprised at the quality of every piece I have completed.  Michael both inspires and fosters my dreams for science illustration and has pushed me towards fulfilling my greatest potential.  His extent of knowledge about both the field of medical/scientific illustration and academic fine art is an amazing resource and I am so excited I found him!  Michael has helped me take my dreams of scientific illustration from just a passing thought to a viable possibility for my future and I can’t be more grateful for having the opportunity to continue to study with him.

Maya Wei-Haas, PhD Candidate, School of Earth Science, The Ohio State University



Until 12 weeks ago, I hadn’t picked up a sketch pad in 40 plus years, and  did not have any formal training in art aside from a few art classes in college. I signed on with Michael Cooley’s art classes, and  I do believe that in these last, few short weeks, he has awakened some unsung talent within me. As a teacher, Mr. Cooley is honest and straightforward, and at the same time very patient and encouraging. He has a wonderful calming personality, and I am not at all intimidated to draw in front of him. His instruction is tailored to my level of experience.

Samples of his work surround the classroom, and one can clearly see that his talent spans many areas, from medical illustration to fine art. I can only say that some day, under his guidance, I could only hope, in my wildest dreams, to be as accomplished as he is.

I would like to be a book illustrator at some point, and I do believe that he is the teacher to lead me there.

Roberta Vita, Vocational School Instructor


June 23, 2013

Besides being a talented artist, Mr. Cooley is a great teacher. The descriptions were step-by-step and easy to understand. He explained me each method with his nicely organized sources and examples. I am sure that I would put what I learned from him into many different art works in future.

Also, his amazing humanity kept my motivation high. He always cares about me, and my course after graduation as well. It helped to gain my confidence about my future, and I could keep myself up. He definitely changed my life. I am really grad that I could meet him, and been his student!

Hinako Miyazaki, Former student at Olentangy Liberty High School, Powell, OH. Presently studying at Japan’s premier university of art and design, Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan.