Portrait of Jim and Casey

Michael A. Cooley, Jim Deluca, Portrait, 2015, Oil. This painting is for business man and friend whom I had the pleasure knowing. The painting is 30 x 24 inch on linen.

Michael A. Cooley, Jim Delucas, Portrait, 2015, Oil.

This is a recent oil portrait I made for my friend and client Jim Delucas. After I completed the painting, I presented it to him at an unveiling at New Hope Reform Church in Powell, Ohio. I gave a brief talk and then unveiled the painting and to my surprise, Jim was moved to tears. I didn’t expect that kind of reaction but I was pleased and he is more than satisfied. The dimensions are 30 x 24 inches,  oil on lenin.


Michael A. Cooley, Casey, Portrait, 2015, Oil. I was commissioned by Casey’s parents Terry and Bill Geist to make an oil portrait to hang in their living room. I really loved working on this portrait and my clients were more than happy with the final painting.

Michael A. Cooley, Casey, Portrait, 2015, Oil.

I just finished this portrait of beautiful Casey Geist-Clarke in her magnificent wedding dress, and veil. I was commissioned by her Parents Terry and Bill Geist. I had so much fun working on this painting. I must say, the dress was really a job. I cant complain. I get to paint everyday and bring people joy. The dimensions of Casey’s portrait is also 30 x 24 inches, oil on linen.

Anyone interested in commissioning me for a portrait, you can reach me by using the form on my contact page. We can discuss your portrait in detail.

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