Classical Portrait Painting

Classical Portrait Painting:

Similar to classical figure painting. This course will introduce students to the time honored techniques and approach to classical portrait painting. The student will learn how to approach a painting in a clear logical manner, efficient strategies for mixing color to achieve stunning flesh tones and how to thoughtfully execute the step by steps process of building a painting. Steps to building a painting includes making an accurate drawing, underpainting, blocking-in color, scumbling, fine tuning and progressiong to completion. Each phase will be demostrated and explained thoroughly by the instructor. Students will then follow the steps demonstrated by the instructor. Each student will receive personalized critic at his/her easel. No matter what style you work in, you will be able to achieve a convincing 3 dimensional illusionistic work. Light, form, value, color, atmosphere, accurate drawing and painting will be observed. This class is intended for students who have already taking two different drawing classes and Oil Painitng I and II – color theory.


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