Bargue Drawing

Bargue Drawing:


This class will introduce students to the Charles Bargue(1826-1883) Drawing Course. Bargue, along with his instructor and mentor French Painter and Sculptor, Jean leon Gerome (1824-1904) created a drawing course in the mid 1860s. This course became so popular, it was used throughout Europe as the blueprint for teaching drawing. It consist of linear and tonal lithographic drawings of antique cast, sculpture and figure models. The student will get the chance to follow in the steps of great masters, making linear and tonal Bargue drawings in graphite pencil, carbon pencil or charcoal on white paper. If the student is more advanced in his/her skill set, he/she can choose to work on toned paper and highlight their drawing with white chalk. The course will help the student continue developing a more accurate seeing eye, construct a more correct drawing and render value without over modeling.







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