Jalen_01Cooley Studios offer classical academic fine art training for artist of all levels, beginner, intermediate and experienced. The training consist of classes geared toward each individual student artist, allowing them to progress at their own pace.

Each class consist of several assignments that progressively increase in difficulty. With each assignment successfully completed, the student gain skill, knowledge and confidence. The goal is to help the student develop an accurate seeing eye, a hand with greater dexerity and an ever seeking mind, ultimately bringing these elements together to work in harmony.

These art classes in drawing and painting are geared to teens 16 and up and adults. Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and  Friday from 9am to 4pm. Classes are again held Monday through Friday nights form 6pm to 9pm and Saturday from 9am to noon and a second one from 1pm to 4pm. Classes begin the first week of each month but you can start anytime. Tuition of $150 is to be paid during the first week of  the month. If you start during the month, tuition will be prorated. For class description, click on class hyperlink of class listed below.


List of Classes at Cooley Studios for 2016: by category

Drawing Classes:
Drawing Fundamentals
Block-in Drawing
Bargue Drawing
Cast Drawing
Still Life Drawing
Classical Figure Drawing
Classical Portrait Drawing
Mastercopy Drawing
– Composition and design
– Perspective

Painting Classes:
Oil Painting I (value theory and value exercises)
Oil Painting II (color theory and color exercises)
Cast Painting
Still Life Painting
Classical Figure Painting
Classical Portrait Painting
Mastercopy Drawing to Painting

Portfolio Intensive for Prospective Medical Illustration
– 6 to 9 month of full-time atelier training (30 hours weekly study)
– 6 to 9 month of part-time atelier training (15 hours weekly study)
– 3 month package of summer workshop intensive


Cooley Studios will offer workshop intensives during summer months. These intensives run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and last 1 to 10 consecutive days. Each workshop intensive will start with an introduction and demonstration of the specific technique to be taught by the instructor. Guest workshops will be offered on occasion at Cooley Studios. The number of days and time will vary depending on the guest presenter as well.

Summer Workshop Intensives: 2016 (dates to be announced)
– Drawing Fundamentals, ($600/ 5 day/ 30 hrs)
– Block-in Drawing, ($500/ 4 day/ 24 hrs)
– Charles Bargue Drawing, ($ 600/ 5 day/ 30 hrs)
– Cast drawing, ($ 600/ 5 day/ 30 hrs)
– Mastercopy drawing, ($ 600/ 5 day/ 30 hrs)
– Oil Painting I (value -anachromatic and monochromatic), ($ 600/ 5 days/ 30 hrs)
– Oil Painting II (color Theory), ($ 1200/ 10 day/ 60 hrs)
– Still life drawing ($ 500/ 5 day/ 30 hrs)
– Still Life Painting (grisaille – open and closed),
– Still Life Painting (full-color), ($ 1200/ 10 day/ 60 hrs)
– Classical Figure Drawing,  ($600/ 5 day/ 30 hrs)
– Classical Figure Painting, ($ 1200/ 10 day/ 60 hrs)
– Classical Portrait Drawing, ($600/ 5 day/ 30 hrs)
– Classical Portrait Painting, ($ 1200/ 10 day/ 60 hrs)
– Compostion and design, ($250/ 3 days/ 18 hrs)
– Perspective, ($250/ 3 days/ 18 hrs)

– Central Ohio Valley and Parks Fellowship


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