Art Classes

Why not take an art Class at Cooley Studios. We are the premier school for learning to draw and paint in Columbus Ohio and its surrounding suburbs. We take students ages 16 and up, adults and Seniors. A common complaint I hear from students is wishing their high school and also college would have given them a more in-depth art training with more theory and practice. These colleges include all of the major colleges and art schools in and around Columbus Ohio. Unlike most colleges and high school, we don’t put tight time constraints on students. We can afford to give each student time to work slow and meticulously on each assignment allowing them to create a beautiful highly refined work. We take our time never rushing through assignments. Some drawings can take anywhere from 40 to 80 hours and paintings can take 100 hours or more. Students will master each assignment before receiving the next more complicated one. To see some of our students work click here.

Christine Kwon, Atelier student at Cooley Studios, 2015

Christine Kwon, Atelier student at Cooley Studios, 2015















Contact Cooley Studios if you would like to tour our studio (614-547-7900).

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