Schools, Instructors, Workshops, and Matriculated Art Training

Cooley’s Schools, Instructors, Workshops and Matriculated art training:

The University of Hartford
MFA. Illustration
Murray Tinkleman, Dennis Nolan, Doug Andersen, Bill Thomson, Alice Bunny Carter, Ted Lewin, Betsy Lewin, Chris F. Payne, Gary Kelley, Nancy Stahl, Zina Saunders, Jeff Seaver, Nancy Cyr, Daniel Pelavin, Chris Spollen, and Jim Carson. 2009-2011

The Ohio State University
BSc. Biomedical Communication Medical Illustration
Steve G. Moon, MS., and Paul Gross, MS. 1982-1987

Hamilton High School (Hamilton, Ohio)
High School Diploma, Vocational School Drafting and Industrial Arts, 1981

Reginald Lee Cooley, fine artist and sculptor
– Studied drawing under Reginald Cooley from age 5 to 9


Postgraduate and Extracurricular Study

Independent Study:
– Classical art, Charles Bargue Drawing Course, 2011 to present


Medical Art
Gerald P. Hodge
– Carbon dust technique, video, 2010
– Pen & ink workshop, 1993
Dave Mascaro
– Watercolor, 1994
John Daugherty
– Digital painting, 1994
Bill Andrews
– Color theory for medical illustrators, 1994

Fine Art Drawing:
Independent Study/classical art/ Charles Bargue Drawing Course. 2011 to present

Fine Art Painting:
– Independent Study/classical fine art painting 2011 to present
– Marvin Mattelson, (classical portrait painting intensive workshop), 2014
– Marvin Mattelson, (classical portrait painting intensive workshop), 2012
– Marvin Mattelson, (classical portrait painting intensive workshop), 2010
– D
ennis Drummond, (Oil painting/direct method, private lessons), 2010
– Pheoris West, (Oil painting/indirect method, intensive), 2010
– Mike Wimmer, (Oil portrait painting/indirect method, workshop), 2009
– Anthony Guerra, (airbrushing the female figure, workshop), 2002


Matriculated Book, Video and Online Art Study


Carbon Dust: Medical Illustration Technique
– Gerald P Hodge

Portrait Drawing: A Layered Approach
– Matthew Archambault

Figure Drawing: A Layered Apprach
– Matthew Archambault

Lessons in Classical Drawing
– Juliette Aristides

Classical Drawing Atelier
– Juliette Aristides

Sculpting the Figure With Pencil: Advance Drawing
– Jacob Collins

The Bargue Drawing: Drawing Companion_Academy of Realist Art, Toronto
– Fernando Freitas

Drawing The Figure_Academy of Realist Art, Toronto
– Fernando Freitas

Portrait Drawing I_Vitruvian Studio
– David Jamieson

Portrait Drawing II_Vitruvian Studio
– David Jamieson

Drawing Basics, online course_Vitruvian Studio
– David Jamieson

Cast Drawing, online course_Vitruvian Studio
– David Jamieson

Potrait Drawing, online course_Vitruvian Studio
– David Jamieson

Figure Drawing II
– Dan Thompson

The Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing
– Anthony Ryder

Drawing the Portrait
– Anthony Ryder

Sight Size: And the Art of Seeing
– Darren R. Rousar

Cast Drawing Using the Sight-Size Approach
– Darren R. Rousar

Core Concepts and Exercises
– Daryl Tank

How to Draw a Portrait
– Daryl Tank

Value Sphere Drawing
– Sadie Valeri


APVM_volume_i, _spring_issue_part 1 & 2

Old World Portraiture with Daniel Graves_The Florence Academy of Art, Italy
– Daniel Graves

In the Studios of The French Academy_Academy of Realist Art, Toronto
– Fernando Freitas

Classical Painting Atelier
– Juliette Aristides

The Carder Method
– Mark Carder

Painting Portraits
– Mark Carder

Landscape Painting
– Mark Carder

Grisaille Painting
– Jon DeMartin

Advance Portrait Painting
– Steve Driscoll

Still-life Painting Atelier: Lessons in Traditional Oil Painting
– Michael Friel

Still Life Painting
– Douglas Flynt

Alla Prima
– Rose Frantzen

Oil Portrait: Erin
– Daniel Greene

Portrait Painting
– Will Kemp

Sight Size Painting
– Juditn Kudlow

Cast Painting Using the Sight-Size Approach
– Darren R. Rousar

Portrait Demonstration
– Carl Samson

Indirect Oil Painting
– Sadie Valeri

Art of Painting
– Scott Waddell

Drawing & Painting
– Scott Waddell

Portrait Painting
– Scott Waddell

Figure Painting
– Scott Waddell

– Mary Whyte