What is Cooley Studios? Cooley Studios is an atelier (private art school) committed to teaching drawing and painting in the classical academic style to anyone interested in learning. We offer this training in our full-time atelier program and in our on-going monthly classes.

What is Classical Academic Art? Classical art is a style of art that follows the classical style and structure of ancient Greece and Rome sculpture and architecture. Academic art is a style of art that follow the methods of the 19th century French Academy.  It is a combination of the Neoclassical (rational and intellectual design) and the Romantic style of art (intuitive, emotional, spontaneous and rich in color). The appearance of this type of art is clean, simplified, highly refined realism.

How is Cooley Studios different from other art schools? We are different from other art schools and University fine art departments. First, we are an atelier. In our atelier program we study exclusively from the time honored curriculum of the 19th century European ateliers system, especially the French ateliers. This system emerged from the practices of the 15th century apprenticeships which produced some of the greatest fine art masters to date.

Who can study at Cooley Studios and what is The Atelier Program? Anyone who wants to learn to draw and paint can study at Cooley Studios in our on-going monthly classes and workshops. The Atelier Program is a full-time study at Cooley Studios. Serious students seeking a professional career can apply to study in our Atelier Program.

What if I (studied under another artist or program, have a degree in art or illustrations, am a working artist or illustrator), can I skip the drawing section of the 1st year and go right into painting? Unfortunately, no. All incoming student artists are required to start at the beginning of the program. From there, artists will progress at their own pace.

How can I attend The Atelier Program and how many student artists are accepted each year? Contact Cooley Studios by pone or web site, read the information on the Atelier Program page and apply.

What age of student will you accept? Students age can vary from 18 to 50 and up.

Does The Atelier Program offer degrees and is it accredited? No we do not, but we offer certificates of completion for the drawing and painting programs. We are not accredited presently, but, we are looking into it. We are also looking into offering continuing education credit for art teachers and professional artists.

What level of skill and experience should an applicant have? Applicants should possess above average ability in drawing, along with the desire and work-ethic to achieve the highest level of art. Applicants and portfolio will be evaluated in terms of present artistic skill, dedication and demonstrated work-ethic.

How much does it cost to study at Cooley Studios in The Atelier Program? Tuition is $6,075 per year. You have an option to pay $675 monthly, or $3,037.50 per semester. A school year consist of two 16 week semesters, September through May. Students study Monday through Friday form 9am to 4pm.

How would you compare the cost of studying at Cooley Studios in the Atelier Program to other schools in Central Ohio? Here is a small list of national art school: Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA: $39,672, School of the Art Institute of Chicago: $38,965, California Institute of the Arts: $36,997, Rhode Island School of Design: $35,991, Pratt Institute: $35,991, Ringling College of Art and Design: $33,946, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: $33,319, Maryland Institute College of Art: $32,712.

* Below is the Annual cost of study at other colleges in Central Ohio listed below:

Columbus College of Art and Design,
– $30,840 per year.

The Ohio State University,
– Ohio resident tuition, $10,037 + room and board $11,666, Total = $21, 703
– Nonresident tuition,  $26,537 + room and board $11,666, Total = $38,203

Otterbein University,
– Full-time tuition, $31,424
– On-campus room, $5,166
– On-campus board, $4,294
– Student life fee, $200
– Total, $41,084

Denison University,
– Full-time Tuition$46,250
– Activity Fee, $430
– Health Center Fee, $610
– Room (multiple), $6,370
– Board, $5,200
– Total $58,860

Capital University,
– Tuition, $32,630
– Room & Board, $9,422
– Student Activity, $100
– Health/Wellness, $100
– Total Annual Cost, $42,252

Why did you create Cooley Studios? Since the late 1800’s, the quality of art education has been in a sad free-fall. Modern day art schools and fine art departments no longer teach sound structured art. They have too many students per instructor, too many instructors with varying biases and not enough time for student artists to really learn to drawing and paint effectively. Students are graduating with degrees but limited knowledge and mediocre artistic skill. They are wasting time and money. Cooley Studios and a few other small ateliers around the country are bringing back classical academic art training.

Where are you located?

Cooley Studios
870 North High Street, Suite 11
Worthington, Ohio 43085
w: http://cooleystudios.com
e: cooleym21@gmail.com
t: 614-547-7900